Rally Caps it Off for Christmas Troop Donations
by Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - What started months ago is finished up on Saturday.

Christmas For Our Troops held a rally at Polo Park Estates to celebrate those who gave and collect final donations for Christmas care packages to be sent to our troops.

"We haven't forgotten them," Polo Park Manager, Wynn Miller, said. "We have not forgotten our troops overseas and we will not."

Boxes stuffed with supplies like food, toiletries, medicine and toys will soon be shipped out to our soldiers, and the response has been astounding.

Polo Park works with the program and says the large turnout is a sign of the kind of community the Basin is.

"I have been in California and I have been in Florida a lot of my life, and I find that the people here in Texas are the most patriotic people I've ever run into. Especially here in Midland County," Wynn said.

At Polo Park Estates, it goes to show how much they've collected. They've raised more than $115,000, which will come out to more than 2,000 Christmas boxes for our troops.

For the last six years, the program has not only touched the men and women in uniform, but veterans and family members back here.

"It makes your heart feel good because you know that there's so many people behind the boys and girls over there that are fighting for us," Jay and Sheryl Howe, who have two sons overseas, said. "It's amazing the support this community has."

And this spirit of giving knows how to spread.

The CEO of Polo Park's company says next year he's taking the program nationwide.

"Next year I have no idea how big it could be," Miller said.