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PAC leaders move to contest MISD Bond election

Representatives from both We Choose Our Future and Better Bond for Midland are filing paperwork with their attorneys.

MIDLAND, Texas — Representatives from both We Choose Our Future PAC and Better Bond for Midland PAC said they will move forward to contest the Midland ISD Bond election. 

We Choose Our Future Co-Chairf Christine Foreman attributes the error "to a break in the ballot chain of custody procedures by the Midland County Elections office."

All parties involved will now await word from the State to continue the process.

Sara Gonzales, representative of Better Bond of Midland, said she noticed on election night that the ballots provided weren't lining up with each precinct's numbers.

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"We said numerous times that night, we're missing a ballot box, we're missing a ballot box," said Gonzales.

Gonzales continued to explain the recount was conducted properly, but Midland County Elections Administrator Deborah Land failed to provide all the ballots.

"We immediately requested that Ms. Land recheck that all the ballot boxes containing all the ballots from this election have been provided," said Gonzales. "Again, Ms. Land had insisted that they had."

It’s important because whether you’re a yes vote, or a no vote, that we get this correct," Kenye Kay Butts, said. "We have a lot of elections coming up in the future that are important.”

The contest could mean one of three things for the bond.

“One the election is confirmed, two it's reversed which means the bond failed," Dave Joyner, Co-Chair for We Choose Our Future. "And three the results can not be determined, in which case a revote would be required.”

And contesting an election is not cheap.

“It’s costing all of us money besides the time, going forward that’s one of the biggest things is paying for the contest on both sides.”

A move showing the price of an election's integrity is priceless.

The PACs estimate contesting the election could cost upwards of $40,000. 

But it is a price tag they think is well-worth paying it if it means every vote here in midland county gets counted correctly.