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'Hullabaloo' | Midlanders have little faith in county elections process following bond election

"It makes you really wonder what has happened to our system," Ruthie Barron said.

MIDLAND, Texas — Uncertainty, disbelief and an overwhelming feeling of distrust weigh heavy over Midland County.

"It makes you really wonder what has happened to our system," Ruthie Barron, Midland County voter said. 

The community has its doubts after the November 5th election that has drawn the eyes of the entire state. 

"It's not right," said John Griffin, Locksmith from Midland County. 

After an 820 vote discrepancy, those eyes were on the court ordered recount Thursday that was supposed to give some much-needed answers to Midland County voters.

"If the votes were hidden someplace or tucked away in a machine then everything should be counted regardless," Griffin said.

Some are questioning why this is happening to begin with. 

"They certainly should have it right in the first place …  I mean this is the 21st century. We should be more up on how we can make things right," Barron said.

Making things right is exactly what the county says they are trying to do. 

"We're not gonna hide the ball. We're not going to keep anything from the public. The public's gonna know everything we've done and they're gonna know the results," Russell Malm, Midland County Attorney said.

But how do you earn back trust when no one has answers?

"Let's have a total new vote. Just, this is the only thing on the ballot," Barron said. 

"The only way to restore that confidence is to get to the bottom of what happened and to let the public know," Malm said. 

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