MIDLAND, Texas — The Midland County Hospital District Board has decide to postpone a tax increase scheduled to be on the ballot in May.

Back in January, the Board proposed a sale tax increase of 0.25% to offset possible loss of Medicare reimbursements, which would raise $38.4 million over the next four years.

But with concerns over COVID-19, the Board had until March 26 to decide whether or not to postpone the election.

This comes after an announcement from Governor Abbott allowing local governments to postpone their upcoming May elections.

The elections office says they would be unable to manage an election at this time and could not get election staff together in May.

However, the sales tax increase would hopefully appear before the November 3 ballot.

The hospital will now have to decide if they will petition Governor Abbott or the district court for a special election. They will decide the method in their board meeting on April 2.


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