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Meet the Midland City Council at-large candidates

Two at-large seats are up for grabs and there are five candidates vying for them.

MIDLAND, Texas — The election is a week away.

One of the biggest races here in Midland is for the city council at-large position.

Two at-large seats are up for grabs and there are five candidates vying for them.

Robin Poole, Dan Corrales, Dustin Johnson, and incumbents Michael Trost and Spencer Robnett.

Here is what we know about them:

Robin Poole

Robin Poole was born and raised in Midland and is the only female running for council. She has three kids. 

This is her second time running for council. She ran against Jack Ladd for district 2 in 2019 but lost by a small margin.

Her top priority? Making sure the city’s infrastructure here is where it needs to be, like roads and sewer.

“Really my main priority is to prioritize the city’s needs versus the city’s wants," Poole said. "I want to be sure that we are continually focusing on our priorities like water, roads and sewer and things of that nature."

Michael Trost

Incumbent Michael Trost has been involved in council multiple times. He has served a total of 10 years.

He is a local businessman and the oldest candidate running.

He tells me he wants to create non-property tax revenue for the city.

“I’ve been doing this for several years," Trost said. "I understand there are some antics about what the public wants...what I hear on the ground...so I think I’m a good representative in that regard." 

He believes he can add value to the future by investing in businesses and helping the city to grow.

Dan Corrales

Dan Corrales has run for city council in the past but has never won.

He was born and raised in Midland and is an army veteran and lawyer.

Now he runs Pristine Organic Dry Cleaners with his wife.

His top priority? Fixing our roads.

‘Well let’s look at the things we have issues with every day, every day we have problems with our roads," Corrales said. "Our roads need repair. It’s one thing that we have the bond but we have to follow through.”

Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson-well, this is his first go at politics.

He works as a photographer and is the youngest candidate.

Parks and adding more of them is what Johnson wants to get done on the city council.

“My top priority is to find a non-property tax way to improve our parks," Johnson said. "So we can expand the parks, we have more walking spaces, bike trails and things like that.”

Spencer Robnett

Then there is incumbent Spencer Robnett. Robnett’s been part of the council since 2014. He is a partner at Wishbone Water.

We reached out to him multiple times to find out what he hopes to do in the next three years if he wins but he did not get back to our requests.

The two candidates with the most votes will be the new at-large council members.

The election is next Tuesday. For polling locations click here

For interviews with all of the Midland City Council candidates, you can go to the NewsWest 9 YouTube page.