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3 counties face school bonds on 2019 ballots

Pecos, Crockett and Midland Counties all have a school bond on the ballot this November.
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TEXAS, USA — During the 2019 elections, there will be three counties facing a vote on a school bond.

Crockett County voters will be asked to vote in favor or against a $33,800,000 bond. The money will help pay for the construction, acquisition and equipment of school buildings within the Crockett County Consolidated Common School District.

Included in this bond if passed would be the construction of a new high school building as well as the land needed and new technology for the district's buildings. New school buses will be added and existing buses will be fitted with emergency and safety equipment.

Pecos County features two school bonds, one for Iraan-Sheffield and one for Fort Stockton. Voters will be presented with the appropriate bond to vote for depending on their precinct.

The bond presented for the Iraan-Sheffield School District is asking voters to decide in favor or against a bond of up to $1,900,000. According to the election notice, the purpose of the bond will be to refund the district's maintenance tax notes.

The Fort Stockton election will ask voters to decide for or against an $85,000,000 bond. If passed the bond will be used to fund the construction of school buildings in the district as well as the purchase of new equipment for the buildings and new school buses.

The fourth bond presented will be on the Midland County ballot. Midland voters will be asked to vote against or in favor of a $569 million bond referendum.

According to Midland ISD, this bond will address school capacity, school safety, security and technology. Additionally there would be two new buildings created for Midland and Lee High Schools, with a third high school taking over the current Lee campus.

All four bonds would be accompanied with a levying of taxes appropriate to accommodate the bonds and the need to pay interest on the bond, as well as the principal of the school in the case of Fort Stockton.

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