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Early voting totals continue to rise

After a one day roadblock of over 400 votes cast, Midland County makes its way back up to nearly 3,000 votes per day average.

MIDLAND, Texas — The frigid temperatures may have slowed voting down briefly, but the Midland County Election Office said that we're back to sending upwards of 3,000 people through the polls each day.

"That was the reason. After the county, and the city, and the schools made the decision to close, we closed the offices. But the main office was open from noon until seven and we voted 411 people that day," Carolyn Graves, Midland County Election Administrator said.

Despite the one day roadblock, Midland County voters picked back up to where they were before the brief cold snap made its way into the Basin with nearly 3,000 votes per day.

"Yesterday, we extended branch hours. They were set to close at six and we kept them open till seven, and we ended up with 2,594 voters yesterday so we are on the upswing today. And so far today, we’ve done 2,091 and it’s 3:30 so we still have several hours to go," Graves said.

October 30 is the last day for early voting, so if you plan to head out to the polls, there are a few things you should be ready to bring. This includes patience.

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"Historically, the last day of early voting is always very busy. It’s kind of like the first day. People realize that they better get out there and get it done so we are anticipating a busy day tomorrow so people need to get up and get out." Graves said.

You'll also want to bring a photo ID with you as well. You'll need to present it to the polling officials as you walk in.

"Make sure that they bring their photo ID, and of course we can’t require them to wear a mask. We do encourage it, so just for their safety and our workers' safety. Again we can’t require it, we just recommend it," Graves said.