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Carolyn Graves, new Midland Co. elections administrator is ready to win back voters' trust

"When this opportunity came up I was more than happy to take it over," Carolyn Graves, Midland Co. elections administrator said.

MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas — Back in March, a new elections administrator took over and she's determined to make her mark.

Carolyn Graves started from the bottom and has worked her way to the top.

"In this office I started out as the receptionist, which is the first desk and then I kept taking on responsibility," Carolyn Graves, Midland Co. elections administrator said. 

She's always been interested in politics.

"I've voted in every election since I was 18. I think that's not just our right, but it's our responsibility," Graves said. 

She had her shot at this position back in 2013, but because of a family emergency, she wasn't able to see it through.

"The office means a lot to me. We have a wonderful staff here and it's a really good working environment," Graves said. 

So when this opportunity came knocking again 4 months ago, she was more than happy to take over.

"That was a great boost of confidence that the whole committee was behind me and I felt like they have my back," Graves said. 

She served as the assistant elections administrator before this and said it's a lot of the same work, but now she has more input and gets to see projects all the way through. 

Her biggest goal is to regain the trust of this community.

"I'm reconciling each day to make sure that at the end of the election that we will be balanced. That's the most important thing at this point, is to get the public's trust back in us, so the only way that is going to happen is going to be slow and it's going to be giving them one good election after another," Graves said. 


If you're interested in helping the Midland Co. Elections Office with the November election, you can call their main office at 432-688-4890.


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