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MISD ballot discrepancy narrowed down to one voting center

The County found an 820 ballot difference at the early voting center inside the Midland County Annex.

MIDLAND, Texas — Midland County officials believe they have narrowed down the ballot discrepancy.

County Attorney Russell Malm gave an update at Monday's commissioner's court meeting. 

Malm says the County's investigation found an 820 ballot difference at the early voting center inside the Midland County Annex when officials were reviewing each of the recount committee's tally sheets.

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"That number exactly matches the number that the recount committee indicated was short. Looking at the other vote centers, they didn't find anything. That tells us that at this point, we believe that we've narrowed the discrepancy down to that one particular voting center and so now the next step is to determine what the cause of the discrepancy is," Malm said.

The elections office spent all last week comparing voter check-in cards to totals reported at each of the voting centers.

“We ran the two numbers to look for any mistakes and there were none when it came to those two pieces of data,” Malm said.

The county’s next step was to go through each of the recount committee’s tally sheets and compare those numbers. 

It was during that process that the county found an error.

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“Now we’re looking to find where the discrepancy came from. We still don’t have that answer,” Malm said.

Per court order, the elections office will unseal each of the ballot boxes on Thursday to count the number of ballots in each box and compare that with the machine totals and recount committee total.

This process is open to the public. 

It starts at 9 a.m. inside the commissioner's courtroom.