Plastic Surgery Seems to Appeal All People
By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA Plastic surgery seems to be more common these days than it was several years ago. But if you think this hot trend is only for women, think again, a local plastic surgeon says men in West Texas are also jumping onboard.

Dr. Sylvan Bartlett says plastic surgery is becoming very common nowadays. He mentioned like with any other thing, surgeons see a spike in patients during certain seasons.

"It's also seasonal. People are very conscious with their general body, thinking they're gonna be out in a swimming suit, and then in the fall, it seems that facelifts come in," Bartlett said.

The times when men would drag their feet to get a medical procedure seems to be non-existent, even here in West Texas. According to Dr. Bartlett he is seeing more men than women wanting to get some work done.

"You know, it's amazing I am seeing more and more men that want something. They want facelifts, they want their ears put back on their head so they don't look like car doors that are open," Bartlett said.

Bartlett says plastic surgery here in the Basin has been recession proof even when the big bust occurred in the 80's. He's kept busy now that the economy is doing so well, it doesn't surprise him that he has seen more people trickling in.

"I think I am seeing people that probably socially, economically, would have more trouble doing it then, now," Bartlett said.