Pharmacists say it's a misconception that flu season starts in October and the best time to get it is now.

"Generally they used to say it was the period of time starting in October. But it's generally better to get it in August and September before the strains really get out,"  said David Webb, pharmacist at Midland Market street."Once school starts back, any type of school, even college and more people are coming back to work in the fall. It's really important for this kind of protection,"

Webb says they typically start administering flu shots every year as early as August 15th.

But what's the cost? If you didn't know, generally it's free for the majority of insured customers.

On top of that, here's all the local grocery stores we've seen so far that are throwing incentives of their own for you to get yours.


MARKET STREET- 10% off shopping purchase

CVS – $5 off $25 shopping purchase

WALGREENS - "Give a shot, get a shot" program provides a vaccine to a child in need

WALMART – Offers flu shots starting at $25 with no insurance

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