MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The world is an exciting playground for any four-year-old, but it can also be overwhelming.

“[Chase] started off with us from the very beginning, he cried with us every day and now he’s just so excited to come in and learn,” said Mara Bland, Petroleum Museum Educational Director.

Chase Johnson is a STEAM Sprouts pioneer at the Petroleum Museum. After some rough days in the beginning Chase blossomed in his classes.

“He loves the art, the engineering, the playing with blocks, and he loves his teachers here,” said Chase’s Mom, Premila Johnson.

STEAM Sprouts classes are six-week themed educational programs aimed towards pre-school age children.

The lessons focus on science, technology, engineering, art and math.

“They help build skills in critical thinking and problem solving, as well as building their creativity and their communication skills and social skills that they get before going into the classroom, so it really helps to spark that interest at an early age to help them develop it as they go on through their school career,” said Bland.

But for Chase, its just fun to build.

“He comes out so excited every time to show off the piece of art that he made, or the craft that they did or just to explain to me how they read a story and then got to do this really neat activity afterwards” said Johnson.

Chase will be back next fall for another year of growth in the Steam Sprouts class.

For more information about the future dates of the program you can visit their website.