Parking Meters Among Discussion for Midland
Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - More people pouring into Midland means more people illegally parking.

They could be staying in one spot for too long or in a spot they're not supposed to be in or even blocking the paths of other vehicles.

Many drivers may not be able to find any parking at all and this problem stands in the way of Midland's downtown revitalization.

"Folks remain in a parking place longer than they should, so we don't really have the attraction of the downtown that we want," Midland Assistant City Manager, Jim Nichols, said. "We don't generate the traffic downtown we want, both foot traffic, shoppers and vehicles."

Driving down any street, you'll see plenty of signage with parking rules but notice isn't the problem, enforcement is.

They said one of the ways to bring enforcement back is through parking meters, which they said haven't stood in downtown in decades.

Will parking meters come?

"Really nothing's off the table right now," Nichols said. "It could be anything from that to utilizing volunteers to assist with parking enforcement. It can be providing more parking opportunities, enforcing parking differently."

Talks are still too early to tell but city officials said they need businesses to keep being fed, which means traffic has to find a place to stop.