There's some celeb drama happening right now. "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle
Evans is considering divorce after her husband, David Eason, killed her French bulldog after it allegedly attacked their two-year-old daughter. Eason posted a video on Instagram of the dog snapping at their toddler and making her cry. That video has since been deleted. He also shared this photo of what appears to be a red bit mark on her right cheek. He wrote that he didn't care what animal bites his daughter's face. He's all about protecting his family. Janelle Evans also posted to Instagram. She says she is distraught and heartbroken over her dog's death. The Columbus County Sheriff's Department told USA Today that officers went to the couple's home in Riegelwood, NC on Tuesday night to perform a welfare check, after complaints about an incident concerning a dog. Deputies confirmed everyone who lived there was okay and turned the complaint over to animal control. 

This situation sparked some questions in our newsroom. Let's say someone who has a pet or a child is in a relationship. And it's time to start integrating your family. A good way to startt his process is to have a conversation with your partner. Talk about the personality and temperament of both your child and the pet. Remember that children are curious and will touch, pull, push, squeeze and kiss pets. Introduce the two for brief periods of time and always monitor. It's not a good idea to leave your child and pet alone. 

Also, talk about what will happen if your child and the pet don't get along. How will it impact your relationship? The point is to be proactive before a situation occurs instead of reactive after the pet gets aggressive with your child.

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