Owners Worried About Their Animals After Reports of West Nile in the Basin
Staff Report
NewsWest 9

The West Nile Virus is on the minds of many, not only here in the Basin but across the Country.

With seven cases in the basin, people are left to wonder how they can protect not only themselves but also their livestock.

West Nile is running rampant across the Nation amongst humans and horses.

Although there is no vaccine for humans, the vet NewsWest 9 spoke with says there are some things you can do for your horses.

West Nile Virus is said to be spread through migrating birds.

The first case ever known was found in horses and that's why there is a vaccine today.

When it comes to prevention for household pets like dogs, they aren't as lucky.

"Right now with the current conditions, if you have a horse showing neurologic signs most likely the West Nile virus is the cause of it. Dogs can actually also get the West Nile Virus, they are not as susceptible as humans and horses. In the past, we have had a few cases and some confirmed cases of West Nile Virus in dogs," Dr. Tommy Wilson with A to Z Veterinary, said.

The vaccine will run you $25-$30 and can save your horses life but it must be followed up with a booster shot in two to three weeks.