AUSTIN, TX (KWES) - State Representative Brooks Landgraf’s legislation to reduce overpass strikes by semi-trucks has moved out of the House Transportation Committee and onto the full House for a vote.

House Bill 799, which aims to hold semi-truck drivers and their employers liable for the damage caused by costly bridge strikes, was passed unanimously by the committee.

The bill was filed back in January, after TxDOT reported there were at least 82 overpass strikes across Texas.

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Overpass strike bill moves to House for vote
(Source: Rep. Landgraf)

Landgraf, the vice chair of the House Transportation Committee, hopes the accountability of drivers and their companies will reduce the number of bridge strikes each year.

“These bridge strikes compromise highway safety, cause traffic congestion and cost taxpayers up to millions of dollars in repairs,” Landgraf said.

"I’m determined to reduce the number of these collisions and hold the vehicle owners strictly liable for the cost of the repairs so that taxpayers aren’t stuck footing the bill.