MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Some people bike for fun, others do it to stay fit. For 3 Country Ride, it’s about raising money for breast cancer research,

Made up of a small team of volunteers, 3 Country Ride takes on the task of riding over 4,166 miles. The ride stretches across three countries, hence the name.

This year’s ride started in Tijuana, Mexico on March 20. The majority of the ride stretches across the United States before ending in Saint Stephen, Canada on June 10.

Bob Hood, the Executive director for 3 Country Ride and the principle rider, as well as various volunteers are undertaking the journey. Riders will journey through 71 segments, each segment lasting a day and covering about 60 miles.

To make sure the riders stay safe and healthy, they only ride six days out of the week and take Sundays off. Accompanying the rider at all times is a safety van that drives along near them and ensures they stay safe and hydrated.

Throughout the process the riders meet with prominent people in each city to inform the public about their mission and spread awareness for the local communities.

During the first half of April the group will be visiting many West Texas towns and visiting with local leaders. On April 11, Bob Hood sat down with Midland Mayor Jerry Morales.

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Thanks for the great interview (and breakfast!) Midland, TX Mayor Jerry Morales. Check out our Facebook page to see how “Midland” got it’s name! Our next stop is Big Spring, TX. We are peddling for a cause & would welcome your donations to @bcrfcure via our 3Countryride website. #3countryride #bicycleadventures #justpedal #bcrfcure #breastcancersurvivors #findacureforcancer #stopcancer #cureforcancer #breastcancerfighter #breastcancercare #breastcancersucks #breastcancerwarriors #cancersurvivors #afterbreastcancer #lifeaftercancer #cancerprevention #fabuwish #crosscountrybiking #earlydetection #Youngadultcancer #cancercare#curecancer #communityoutreach #fundraise#nonprofitlife #fightingcancer #bikeacrossamerica #Instacyclists#cancerlife #bikesbikesbikes

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“City council is fortunate to have Bob and his cause, bringing awareness to cancer and we’re glad Midland, Texas is part of his trip and letting us be a part of his program and supporting cancer awareness," said Mayor Morales.

Over the next few days the group will make their way to Big Spring, Sweetwater and Abilene nefore making their way out of West Texas and into Oklahoma.

Over 300,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, meaning around one in eight women are impacted by the disease. Of those diagnosed, about 20,000 women die.

To Bob Hood, these numbers are why he wants to raise awareness for the cause. Although he’s been cycling for years, he’s excited to finally use his passion for a good cause.

“If there’s something you wanna do, find a way to make it work," said Hood. "You’ll never regret doing this and you may regret not doing something like this. It’s a great thing to be helping others and its very fulfilling and rewarding to do it.”

If you are interested in helping 3 Country Ride, you can donate or find out how to volunteer on their website. Money is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

You can watch their daily videos on their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram or Twitter.