Oil Waste, Not on Our Block
Oil Waste, Not on Our Block
Oil Waste, Not on Our Block
By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- Neighbors in a neighborhood in Howard County are fighting a proposed oil and gas waste disposal site from going up near their homes.

The Kemper Operating Company applied for a permit with the Texas Railroad Commission, to pump oil waste more than 9,000 feet into an abandoned oil well near FM 700 and Highway 350 on Oasis Road.

Neighbors say they are worried the well would unjustly put their families in danger if the ground water became contaminated by the waste. The homes in the area use well water, just a few hundred feet below ground.

Neighbors also say they worry about added traffic in an area where Big Spring and Coahoma School buses stop.

Company Owner Kemp Kemper says the waste will get pumped too far down to be dangerous, and the vast equipment makes it safer. Kemper told Newswest 9 he plans to meet with neighbors to explain the process.

Roy Don Beachamp, Woody Enos and Chip Whitworth are a just a few neighbors who wrote petitioned the Commission for a hearing to block the permit.  A Texas Railroad Commission Spokesperson says disposal sites are historically safe but adds the neighbors will be given a chance to prove their case. It could be months before a decision is made.