MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Gerald Fugit says he’s unhappy with how his service provider AT&T handled a lapse in service of his business line.

Fugit says in October he lost service for his three business lines inside his law offices for 10 days.

The three business lines are set up to roll over to one another when any of the lines are busy. According to Fugit, his secretary continually checked to see if the lines were working by calling the business number with her cell phone.

He says the business lines are the main way potential customers contact him.

During the lapse of service, Fugit says his staff contacted AT&T several times asking for help but claims the company misdiagnosed the problem and did not address the problem with the urgency he believes they should have.

“They did nothing for 10 days, our office made several calls and said we need to have this expedited because my telephone is an artery to my business,” said Fugit.

The problem was eventually fixed, but Fugit says the business he lost during that period is likely gone for good.

Public records show that Gerald Fugit has filed a lawsuit against the major communications company.