ODESSA, TX (KWES) - After testing the dogs at the Odessa Animal Shelter, American Pets Alive! say of the dogs, originally scheduled to be put down, none were found to have distemper.

The City of Odessa has not released a statement.

American Pets Alive!, the Austin based pet rescue group, flew in to help with the distemper problem after the Odessa Animal Control Shelter was set to put down more than 140 dogs.

“This shelter, like many others, are looking for guidelines and protocols that will increase lifesaving and are in search of more resources to increase live-saving,” Kasey Chayeb, marketing communication manager American Pets Alive.

Chayeb also said the Animal Shelter has begun to implement new intake procedures that will help deter further incidents of this nature.

American Pets Alive! will follow up again in January, with the shelter, who believe they are in need of more education and resources.