by Brian Mooar
NBC News

There's more bad news and some good news for NFL quarterback Michael Vick.

The suspended quarterback, who's awaiting sentencing on a federal dog fighting conspiracy case, was indicted Tuesday on state charges in Virginia.

But a grand jury refused to indict him on eight animal cruelty charges that could've landed the quarterback behind bars for forty years, and ended his pro career.
Vick and three co-defendants are charged with one count of beating or killing or causing dogs to fight and one count of engaging in or promoting dog fighting.

Each charge carries a maximum 5-year prison term.

Vick drew huge crowds of supporters, and detractors last month when he arrived at a federal courthouse in Richmond to plead guilty to a federal dog fighting conspiracy charge.

Vick acknowledged that he ran a dog-fighting ring from his rural Virginia home and more.

He admitted he was present when dogs were killed, and that he bankrolled dog fights, but he denied gambling, a charge that would've slammed the door on his pro football career.

He's since been suspended by the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons, and dumped by his high-profile sponsors.