Jack the Ripper is one of the well-known serial killers in London’s history. However, some might say that he’s the least known since no one has ever been able to definitively identify him.

Until now.

The Journal of Forensic Sciences published a study that claims to know the identity of Jack the Ripper, centuries after he first started committing the murders in 1888.

By testing a stain found on a shawl that was recovered from one of the victims, the study concluded that the DNA evidence confirmed that Polish immigrant, Aaron Kosminski, was responsible for the murders sent historic London into panic.

According to Rolling Stone, the shawl belonged to Jack the Ripper’s fourth victim, Catherine Eddowes. However, the magazine notes that other researches have pointed out that there was no evidence the shawl was ever present.

This isn’t the first time Kosminski’s name has been linked to Jack the Ripper. In 2014, the topic resurfaced after author Russell Edwards published the book, “Naming Jack the Ripper.”