MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - There could be a new ordinance in the city of Midland that would create more space between cars, trucks, and cyclists.

Every year on average 50 cyclists and 400 pedestrians are struck by a car or truck in the state.

In Midland, only in the last 22-months, 14 cyclists and 133 walkers have been hit by drivers on the roadways.

“Our ordinance would have a three-foot parameter unless it’s a commercial vehicle then its six-foot parameter this would protect them from a car coming too close. For instance, how large the side mirrors are on the big truck those just sticks out far beyond the side of the car,” Hotchkiss, said.

Earlier this year, the Midland community was heartbroken by the deaths of Camron T. Stotts, 42, Michael D. Mestas, 47, and Brandy Ackerman, 39.

Stotts and Mestas were Midland residents and they were killed by a vehicle on State Highway 158 in Midland. Thomas J. Haislip, 38, was also injured in the same accident and was transported to the hospital with incapacitating injuries.

Ackerman was a pediatric doctor in Midland and the fatal accident she was involved in occurred on State Highway 191.

“There is no question that the reason this has come to the forefront is because of the deaths of the three cyclists earlier this year and the impact that had on our community,” Sharla Hotchkiss, Midland City Council District 3 said.

Next week it will be up to city council to vote on passing the ordinance that hopes to allow more distance between riders and drivers.

“A better community and a safer community a place where we can all feel safe when we get on our roads that we are being watched over safety,” Hotchkiss said.