New Fort Stockton Police Chief Bringing in Less Lethal Weapons
By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - There's a new boss at the Fort Stockton Police Department and Chief Jake Sullivan says his officers need more than just bullets.

"With any weapon that we utilize whether it's a baton, firearm or OC, there's obviously the chance for some type of negative occurrence," he said. "However statistically using tasers limits the chances of that liability."

The City Council agreed to spend $5,000 to get five tasers for the PD.

"They'll go through a two day course, they have to be certified then every two years they have to be re-certified in order to continue utilizing that weapon," Sullivan said.

Pecos County Sheriff's Deputies like Ronnie Turner have worked with tasers for two years. He's excited for the police department.

"It's going to help them," Turner said. "It's going to keep them safer. It's going to be wonderful. They'll enjoy it."

A taser gun is lighter than a regular gun and less lethal. Since the Pecos County Sheriff's Department got the guns it's reduced the number of injuries to both deputies and civilians.

The PD tasers, like the county's will eject 50,000 volts of electricity for up to five seconds.

After feeling the sting himself, Deputy Turner says the pain helps keep trouble makers in line.

"You're talking 50,000 volts and its extremely painful," he said. "Nobody wants to get hurt."

Sullivan says he has plans to bring more less lethal weapons to town.

"At some point, we will look into bringing in bean bag rounds and things of that nature," Sullivan said.

He says the tasers are set to come in by next week.