New Disc Golf Course in Andrews Bringing People From Out of Town
by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - A new disk golf course in Andrews is bringing people together. Even though its only been up for a month, they have seen a huge success. People are going to Andrews just to play some Frisbee.

The new Andrews Disk Golf course was ready to go at the beginning of March. Since then, it has taken off in the community.

"I know I have noticed about eight groups of people a day out here," City of Andrews Inspector, Drew Garrett, said.

"It's really been a surprise to us. It's kind of new to West Texas, maybe but not so much for other communities," Scott Wallace, Director of Community Services, said.

The nine hole course only cost the city about $4,000 and it's free for anyone to use.

"If you have ever played golf or you have ever seen anyone play golf, it's kind of the same thing but with a disk, its pretty simple," Wallace said.

So far, people come from all over have come to Andrews to play the course.

"Folks from Lubbock and I think someone said the other day from the Metroplex area was traveling through and wanted to come by, stop and see and play the course," Wallace said.

If this continues to be popular in Andrews, they may need to install another disk golf course.