New Developments in Polygamist Compound Raid
New Developments in Polygamist Compound Raid
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NewsWest 9

NewsWest 9 has learned that 16-year-old girl, whose crys for help set off the raid at the ranch, may not be a girl at all.

In fact, the call may have come from a woman in Colorado who isn't even a member of the FLDS Church.

The Texas Rangers made the startling discovery after travelling to Colorado Springs this week to gather evidence from the woman's home.

Texas Rangers suspect Rozita Swinton is the person who they think made the calls.

She is now a "person of interest."

Investigators believe Swinton may be behind the phone calls about abuse at the Y-F-Z Ranch in Eldorado.

Those calls supposedly were made from a 16-year-old girl claiming she had been raped and beaten by her 50-year-old husband.

Rangers believe Swinton may have also made calls about abuse at the FLDS compound in Colorado City, Arizona.

Police and Texas Rangers searched Swinton's home in Colorado, and found evidence they say possibly links her to the abuse calls.

Here's the twist, investigators do not think this is the first time she's made fake calls.

In fact, Swinton was arrested Wednesday in Colorado Springs for making up a story about being a child who was being held hostage.