by Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - New details are coming to light after the arrest of an Odessa Police Officer.

Becerra, who was arrested on Thursday for two felonies, has been charged with a third charge.

According to an arrest affidavit, during a traffic stop Odessa police officer, Salvador Becerra, pulled over an SUV on March 9 and asked everyone in the car for their drivers license. The female in the passengers seat did not have hers with her so Becerra later asked her to walk back to his patrol car, so she did.

Becerra asked the female if she had anything illegal on her and the woman admitted to having a small marijuana cigarette on her.

Becerra then asked her to "grab her shirt and bra and shake them vigorously to see if any drug related items were hidden inside." The woman reported she could feel Becerra staring at her breast so she tried to cover them. The officer then told the woman that her and her friends would not go to jail but he then changed his mind. The officer reportedly said that, "if she made an exception, she would not go to jail."

According to the documents, Becerra would not explain to the woman what the exceptions meant and at one point the officer asked the woman, "What size are your breast?" The female then asked if that was an appropriate question and Becerra answered "we are making exceptions aren't we?"

The officer then reportedly asked if he could touch her breast and the victim reluctantly allowed.