New Crosswalk Alert System Coming to Midland Memorial Hospital
Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The crosswalk on Illinois Street leading into Midland Memorial Hospital has some drivers speeding through, zooming past pedestrians and patients.

The hospital is looking for added safety precautions.

Midland Memorial Hospital officials told NewsWest 9, they've been dealing with this problem for years now. They put in added precautions but they said it's still a problem.

Officials told NewsWest 9 what most people don't realize is that hospitals have zones around their building that are like school zones when it comes to drivers' speeds on the road.

It's state law to yield to pedestrians on that crosswalk.

Officials also said you must reduce your speed to 20 miles per hour around the hospital. But they said people still speed through there and sometimes don't stop at all.

In the past the hospital has added extra signs, flashing lights and more evident crosswalk lines to get the point across, but said they've still had close calls.

So at the moment, hospital officials and the City of Midland, are looking to install a new virtual system called LightGuard, which will be a system of lights embedded in the pavement of the crosswalk.

Under the new system, day or night, all a pedestrian would have to do is push a button and the lights will spark up and flash, alerting drivers as they cross.

"It draws their attention to 'there's a need, you need to pay attention and look up'," Cory Edmondson, Midland Memorial Hospital Vice President of Support Services, said. "It slows them down automatically, then they can see."

The system had been tested in other cities and Midland Memorial has now purchased it.

The City of Midland is currently installing it and footing the bill to do so.