SAN ANGELO, Texas — People celebrate Easter in several ways, but chances are there is a rabbit, chick or goose somewhere in the mix, usually just a stuffed animal or a piece of candy. However, some people take it to the next level and buy living rabbits, chicks, or geese to include in their Easter holiday.

“If you have them for Easter and just really want them for a few days make sure you have a plan someone who has a farm or ranch who will take care of them,” Bridget Scott Palmer Feed general manager said.

Scott said animals are still living creatures and need to be taken care of properly and can not be thrown away into the wild when someone no longer wants to care for them.

“Do not release them they are domesticated animals so they need to be provided with food water and shelter so they can’t survive if you just go turn them back out ,” Scott said.

If it's already too late and you're already looking that cute furry friend in the eyes and realize you're in over your head call and ask for help.