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A 9-year-old about to graduate a Belgium university has big plans

The child prodigy plans to take his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and quickly move on to medical studies.
Credit: TUE

WASHINGTON — Laurent Simons' father says they didn't do anything special, but when their son's teachers started noticing that he was really smart they began giving him extra tasks at school. Laurent's father told CNN, "before you know it, he graduates primary school, then high school and now almost university."

The parents say they don't have a clear explanation as to why young Laurent has been able to move so quickly through studies that would take the average person until their adult years to pass, but the 9-year-old is on track to graduate from Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE), with plans to then enter into a PhD program in electrical engineering while also studying medicine, his father Alexander Simons says. Laurent's parents wouldn't reveal to CNN which university he plans on attending after TUE.

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While no one is quite sure why Laurent has be able to achieve such amazing academic success, his mother Lydia joked, "I ate a lot of fish during the pregnancy."

Laurent says he want's to develop artificial organs at some point in the future. The family says they plan on taking a trip to Japan to celebrate this incredible academic journey.