Monahans Rolls Out New Committee to Beautify City
Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - At first glance, it's just a brightly-painted flower pot. But it's a step in brightening the businesses of Monahans, thanks to the brand new Monahans Beautification Committee.

"We're going to sell these as a fundraising project and we included the planter, the new paint with the soil and plant in it, it'll be $150," Committee Member, Jamey Collinsworth, said.

The new committee started back in February and now their projects are lifting off with 15 members on staff.

Their mission is to make Monahans a better place.

"With the bust of the 80s, our community took a hard hit with buildings that were left empty and not taken care of," Teresa Burnett, Director of the Monahans Chamber of Commerce, said.

The biggest project the new committee is going to tackle is tearing down one building on Main Street and building a new park right over it.

"What we're looking at is incorporating some of the history of Monahans," committee member, Kathy Dutcher, said. "Railroad ties, we've got a pump jack donated from Devon, emphasizing the oil industry, gas industry, the tomato farm, a mural displaying different places that are in Monahans."

Right now, the committee is funded purely by donations and this park project costs a pretty penny.

"A minimum of $60,000," Burnett said.

So the committee is on the hunt for donations and members, working from the ground up from painted flower pots.

"We have seven or eight that we've already got sold and I think we'll have about 20 total," Collinsworth said.

To giving Monahans a brighter face forever.

"Anything to help Monahans look better," Dutcher said.

"Everybody's proud of Monahans and we want to do our part to help get it going," Collinsworth said.