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Mom says 8-year-old remains on life support after Treyway fire

Karen G. Long said her family had already lost their home and now their biggest fear is losing her 8-year-old son Jude.
Credit: Kiii News

A woman is speaking out after her two sons were pulled from their burning home on Saturday on Corpus Christi's south side.

Karen G. Long said both were rushed to Driscoll Children's Hospital. KIII 3 News reached out to hospital officials but couldn't not get a hold of them.

We were able to speak with Long over the phone.

"The neighbor came to my dialysis center and said we need to take you to the hospital quickly," Long said. There's been a fire."

As firefighters put out a fire at Treyway Terrace on Saturday, Karen G Long's 8-year-old son, Jude, began fighting for his life.

Long said she was at dialysis right before her home went up in flames.

She said Jude and her 12-year-old son Silas stayed home.

"My brother had agreed to pick up the boys within 45 minutes to an hour," Long said. 

She said when she got to the center Saturday, She Facetimed the boys.

"My youngest one said he was tired and I saw him with his eyes droopy and he fell asleep while I was Facetiming my son Silas," Long said. "Silas said mom I'm gonna take a nap as well."

She said Silas told her he woke up to a black cloud of smoke.

"He knew he needed to get out of there because he felt like he was choking and he couldn't breathe," Long said. 

Long said Silas tried to grab his little brother and pull him down the stairs but he was passed out.

"He realized he couldn't and he noticed that he was choking even worse and he needed to gasp for air and he was pounding on his chest trying to make an airway for himself," Long said. 

She said Silas ran to get help and even the neighbors couldn't get through the smoke.

Firefighters were able to get him out and both brothers were rushed to Driscoll Children's Hospital. 

Long said Silas was conscious and alert but Jude was on life support.

"They cleaned out the smoke inhalation from out of his lungs but he was also drowning in mucus and fluid because of the damage that was done," Long said. 

Long said her family has already lost their home and now their biggest fear is losing Jude.

"The doctors are saying not to get my hopes up," Long said. "That this is a very scary situation."

"But they're working as great as they possibly can out of it," Long said. 

Long said he did everything she taught him.

"First aid, CPR as well as fire safety," Long said. 

She said he is still coping with what's happened.

"We told him how heroic he was by going to get help and being able to rescue his brother," Long said. 

Long said the fire investigator told her they had no explanation on how the fire started and they are calling it a no fault accident.

She said Driscoll is letting the family stay overnight Sunday but she plans to reach out to the Red Cross on Monday. 

In the meantime, a family friend has set up a Go Fund Me for the family as Jude continues to fight for his life. To donate click here