Mobile Tanning Unit Brings the Tan to You
By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND/ODESSA - Memorial Day is the official kickoff to the summer. One thing everyone wants is a decent tan and sometimes the wait at tanning salons can be up to 30 minutes. Well, now you don't have to wait anymore, a mobile tanning lab will take their services straight to you. Nowadays, getting a tan is as easy as having a professional mobile unit come to your home and spraying you down.

"We kind just thought at it, and how there's not that many people that have it, or I haven't seen anyone that has it, and it's different from the tanning places that are around here. Summer is coming up and people want to get tanned," Nick Pugach, Co-Owner of Bronze Tan 2 Go, said.

Bronze Tan 2 Go has been in business for two months and already they have a busy schedule with customers in both Midland and Odessa. Pugach credits the fact that they are a mobile unit and it's more convenient for their clients.

"Well you can just stay at home and we'll come to you," Pugach said.

According to Co-Owner Richelle Arreola, the difference between this type of tanning and the tanning you get at tanning salons is they use "DHA" which is approved by dermatologists and it's not harmful to the skin.

"It makes your skin look natural. It doesn't cause any streaks, if it does, we'll get the roller to blend it all in," Arreola said.

Arreola mentioned this type of service is essential for fair-skinned people who don't tan as easily.

"The light skinned people they get, like their face gets red, it's not a tan, it's more like a sunburn. With this, we have three solutions that will fit your skin and we'll fit the solution to your skin so you wont look burnt," Arreola said.

As they drive off, they hope their business continues to grow one spray at a time.