by Steve HandlesmanNBC News

Mitt Romney ran as the Republican to fix the economy, but this afternoon endorsed John McCain to do it.

Today Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned Congress that the danger of recession is growing.

"The outlook for the economy has worsened in recent months," Bernanke said.

That's Democrat Hillary Clinton's focus as she works for a March 4th comeback in Ohio, a State that needs an economic comeback.

During a Thursday tour of a General Motors auto plant, she promised job retraining and a rate freeze on mortgages and credit cards.

"People cannot afford these escalating credit card interest rates," she told supporters.

It's a Clinton family push.

Husband Bill made similar promises in Wisconsin, the site of an upcoming Tuesday primary.

Daughter Chelsea was on the campaign trail in Cleveland.

Hillary Clinton says she's got a record on the economy and slammed Barack Obama.

"Some people may think words are change but you and I know better.  Words are cheap," she said.

As the Democrat with the most delegates, Obama is aiming his economic jabs at the Republican frontrunner.

"You know, McCain is someone who said he doesn't understand the economy very well," Obama told his supporters.
That's exactly what Mitt Romney said, just two weeks ago.

Romney won 288 delegates.