ODESSA, Texas — A special guest walked the halls of Medical Center Hospital, a guest some would consider royalty. 

“Anything that brings a smile to a kid’s face. A hospital is not a very fun place for a child to be" said Madison Fuller, Miss Texas 2018.

Miss Texas arrived at the hospitals with books to promote literacy and her heart to spread love. 

“This is a Children's Miracle Network Hospital. One of my goals as Miss Texas CMN hospitals are a partner of the Miss America organization, one of my goals is to visit all sixteen CMN hospitals" said Fuller.

Before accepting her crown, Madison Fuller taught Kindergarten in Tyler, Texas.

With Miss Texas being a "full time job", she had to take a break but will continue back at the same school after she completes her reign.

That's part of the reason she brings books for presents on her visits: she values early childhood literacy. 

Fuller left the extra books in the hospital library that had bare shelves before her arrival. 

“Well you go into thinking you’re going to touch a life or make an impact on a kid but one thing that I’ve found very quickly as Miss Texas is that they’re the ones making an impact on me" said Fuller.

And Fuller has another talent she brings with her to some of her visits: ventriloquism. 

“I started when I was six years old, I saw a ventriloquist on Miss Texas, actually it used to be on TV back in the day, I told my mom I’ve gotta be Miss Texas and I’ve gotta be a ventriloquist" said Fuller. "I love kids and they’re so kid-friendly... they’re bright and they’re goofy. Kids love them.” 

So while the kids receive love and gifts of literacy from Miss Texas during her visits, Fuller gets just as big of a gift from the kids, if not an even more meaning full one. 

“Kids are so good about finding the joy in the little things, especially when you visit a hospital and you see that joy and bravery that they have... if we all lived our lives like kids do we’d be in a much better place" said Fuller.

A gift of joy and inspiration that just keeps on giving.