MISD Approves $163 Million Dollar Bond, Will be on November Ballot
by Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The Midland School District is one step closer to improving education for students in the area. The Board of Trustees decided Tuesday to move forward with a multi-million dollar plan to expand elementary schools in the district.

Board members unanimously approved a $163 million dollar bond in the meeting. That money would be focused on the elementary schools in the first phase of the Superintendent's plan to enhance Midland schools.

The project proposal that's been in the works for about eight months.

"About making us better academically and having the very best teachers in the classrooms by giving the teachers the very best programs to assist them in teaching our kids," Midland ISD Superintendent, Dr. Ryder Warren, said.

The first upgrades will be at primary schools.

"The reason why we are starting on the elementary is that's where we are seeing the enormous growth that we had over the two and half years," Warren said.

Some of the school buildings are over 50 years old and renovations are needed. The plan also includes building three new elementary schools, two on the west side and the other on the southeast side of town.

"We'll be able to add technology to each classroom that will differentiate learning strategies that are different than what we have today," Midland ISD President, Jay Isaac, said.