MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Before you’ve even taken your first steps into the new Library at the Plaza, it’s very clear this is not your average library.

It’s evident by all of the flat screen displays mounted on the entry way just to get you into the library and the interactive light wall.

“This is the Everbright wall, its inspired by the toys of the 1980s. So, it’s a fun component, kids can go and turn the knob and they will light up different colors so they can really create their own art project on the wall," said Megan Buck, the Social Impact and Community Engagement Coordinator for the library.

The Library at the Plaza is nothing short of state of the art and full of modern technology, but that technology has come with challenges. The library was set for its grand opening just this past Monday but had to postpone while they made sure everything was online and perfect for its first visitors.

“We are really cognizant of being able to provide the level of service that people expect when they walk in the door, not just the level of service but services in general. And some of those things were not ready in the timeline that we like to see, no one’s fault, Midland’s in a boom, which is a great problem, it presents unique challenges”, said Library Director John Trischitti.

While they weren’t quite ready to let new visitors take their first steps through the new library, John says things in the library are still progressing nicely.

“Midland County is ready, the library is ready, we are just waiting on a few more things, some of it dealt with security and safety. Others were more specific to public computing, we want people to be able to use the public computers, but we know they are going to want to print”.

The Library at the Plaza’s grand opening may have to wait just a bit a longer, but it will certainly be well worth the wait because this new library is absolutely out of this world.