Midlanders Up in Arms About Lawn Parking
by Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Parking your car at home might not seem like anything controversial, but an ordinance on this week's City Council agenda in Midland could shake things up.

Midlanders NewsWest 9 spoke to for the most part say, it's their lawn, so it's their choice. But at what expense to the neighborhood?

There are many duties that come with front lawns.

Mowing, watering, but parking isn't usually on the list.

The issue the Midland City Council will vote on this Tuesday is whether or not lawn-parking should be allowed.

"I don't see the big deal about it," Midland resident, Billy Wright, said.

"I think there shouldn't be an issue about parking on your own property," Jaime Marquez, said.

Residents NewsWest 9 spoke to, that would go on camera, all had their own reasons for it, some say it's because it's their property.

"Law-abiding people that pay their taxes should be able to park, they should be able to park in their own yard," Wright explained.

Others said they would move if they had to, but fear for their cars at the mercy of the other drivers on the road.

"I don't like parking out in the street myself because somebody could come here and sideswipe it or stuff, like hit it from the back, just like a little hit-and-run and leave," Marquez said.

City Council members told NewsWest 9, the ordinance is a matter of neighborhood value, that it could damage their lawns.

They also cite aesthetic reasons, saying visitors seeking to live in Midland will be deterred by the sight of cars on yards, but neighbors still say that's not the case.

"It won't be in the yard all day, so it's not going to de-value this neighborhood any by having these cars parked here," Wright said.

The final verdict could be decided on Tuesday as this issue has been an ongoing one.

The Midland City Council held a public hearing on the ordinance back in July.