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Midland woman creates organization to provide school supplies for teachers

UPDATE: The Help A Teacher website came through in a big way for a local junior high school.


The Help A Teacher website came through in a big way for a local junior high school.

The Facebook page's founder Debbie Scott tells us donors stepped in to answers more than a dozen wish lists for teachers at Goddard Junior high school.

Goddard's principal Shelley Haney says the flurry of deliveries has the school office in high spirits.

"It feels like Christmas around here," said Haney.

The Help A Teacher Facebook page remains active all year round.


For Debbie Scott creating the "Help a Teacher" Facebook page was a moment she reflects on as a divine inspiration.

"Truly I believe God gave me the idea because it was a full idea. Make a Facebook page, let teachers post their wish on it, and let anybody fill it," said Scott.

The page which Scott started just over 5 months ago was created with one simple goal in mind: "to create a space where teachers can come to establish a connection between people who care and want to generously help them."

It works by promoting teachers to share Amazon wish lists filled with the school supplies they need. Then donors from their community or anywhere across the country can step in and help.

The "Help A Teacher" website launched August 6, has more than 45,000 likes and makes it easier and faster to become a donor and get involved.

Scott believes the page's success comes from social media's ability to bring a problem to light.

"It's amazing to me because we all know teachers buy their own school supplies and yet we just don't do anything, it's not in our vision."

That's why she's also brought Help a Teacher to Instagram and Pintrest.

For more information on Help a Teacher, head to the Facebook page or website.

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