Midland Twins Graduate at the Top of the Class
by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Imagine being in a competition all your life.

"We played every sport you can imagine, we competed in everything even grades," Valedictorian Clint Dye, said.

"Everything we'd always do, we'd try to out due one another," Saluatorian Justin Dye, said.

For twins Justin and Clint Dye, that's exactly what their childhood was like, and things haven't changed since. The twins have just been named Valedictorian and Salutatorian at Greenwood High School.

"It's not like we let it consume us, but we did well enough for it to be an accomplishment,"  Clint said.

Justin, who is 2 minutes older than Clint was just shy of a point from beating his brother as Valedictorian, still his 5.5 GPA with advanced classes was enough to become Salutatorian.

"They've always worked so hard, they're overachievers. They were 9 weeks premature. As a personal note, that's a huge achievement because we were worried about them just living, much less ever doing something like this," Mother Suzanne Dye, said.

For Justin and Clint, they plan on giving each other a little space and go to different colleges.

"I'm going to Texas Tech to study pre-med hopefully, or maybe get into pharmacy," Clint said.

"I'm going to A&M and be a mechanical engineer. I kind of wanted to be a doctor but all that school doesn't suit me," Justin said.

For a mother who's been there through it all, seeing her twins go off to college is something that she looks forward to.

"It's been a joy seeing the true love they have for each other. To split them up like this is going to be big," Suzanne said.

"I hate being considered one person, we're two individuals not just the Dyes, and this is one way of showing it I guess," Clint said.