Midland Resident Starts Waterless Car Wash
By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - With the severe drought, residents are changing their ways, and sometimes that means taking drastic measures when it comes to conserving water. A Midland resident has now started her own waterless carwash to help with the drought.

"People are wasting water doing that, everybody who has luxury vehicles or oilfield trucks that they want to keep cleaned and maintained clean, we came up with the way to help that out,"  Melissa Milan, Owner of the Waterless Car Wash, said.

It's an eco friendly car wash, and get this it only takes about six ounces or product to wash your car, that's less than a coke bottle.

"Basically it's a spray on application. It just sprays on we wipe it off with a second towel and then we can just wipe it off with like a hand wash," Milan said.

It's as easy as spray and wipe and it leaves your car shiny with a protected finish.

"There's people who think because its eco or green, it's not going to work as well and they want the big high power wash. There is no difference, its just hand wash," Milan said.

Bottom line is they just want to cut back on water.

"To conserve water and to show people that there are other ways, we don't have to use water for everything and just to save the water," Milan said.