Midland Girl's Recovery from Accident Serves as Inspiration for Others
by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Seven years ago, a tragic accident left a young Midland girl paralyzed. At the time, doctors didn't expect her to live. Now, Alyssa Adair serves as an inspiration to others who have the odds stacked against them.

"I remember everything. We were at a waterfall, under a tree and a counselor told us to run to her then it all went black," Alyssa Adair said.

Alyssa was attending a summer Christian Camp. She was sitting under a tree when the unexpected happened.

"A tree limb had fallen and crushed her scull," Alyssa's mom, Anna Adair, said.

A month later, Alyssa woke up from a coma in a Dallas hospital room.

"They had to piece her scull back together and clean the debris out of her brain," Anna said.

Doctors told her family she would be completely paralyzed but Alyssa's parents had hope. They brought her back to Midland for physical therapy.

"The basic things we all take for granted, she had to learn all over again," Cathy Howard with Synergy Physical Therapy, said.

Alyssa's persistence paid off. After five years of therapy, Alyssa overcame the odds and is now able to walk.

"We're very thankful she kept getting better but she was not supposed to. I'm honored she's been able to get better," Anna said.

"God has never left my side. I cant give up," Alyssa said.