MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland County Drug Court has taken on 49 cases since it was established in October 2018.

The court serves as an intervention program for individuals struggling with drug addiction and charged with a felony crime, in most cases keeping participants away from lengthy prison sentences.

The program is led by Judge Elizabeth Rainey, and her team of attorneys, probation officers, counselors, and compliance officers.

“I’m proud that our county has invested in this type of program because we build up success for people where there would have otherwise been no other option,” said Rainey.

Officials say the aim of the program is to rehabilitate those battling addiction to keep them out of trouble of the law and allow them to become functioning members of society.

Those enrolled in the drug court must complete a five-phase program.

Each phase carries a minimum 60-day requirement with rehabilitation classes and sobriety requirements.

Participants are also subject to home checks, workplace checks, curfews and drug tests that can be performed at any time by one of the court’s compliance officers.

Rainey says some participants move quicker through phases than others, but she has not had to remove anyone from the program.

Though if any participant were to be charged with another criminal offense while enrolled they would be subject to expulsion and possibly further incarceration.