MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland City Council met with its staff for a special briefing inside a basement conference room of City Hall on January 22.

The meeting was held to discuss options that would encourage developers to build more affordable housing developments within city limits.

The staff of the City’s Development Services prepared the presentation and laid out several solutions for City Council to consider.

Those solutions included increasing incentives such as higher monetary reimbursements for developers that build affordable housing developments and lowering the required number of developments to qualify for a reimbursement from 4 to 1.

The staff also suggested retooling and lowering building permit fees for qualifying developments.

Another suggestion promoted reducing area floor plans that could reduce costs for families.

While no action was taken in the special meeting, each idea was discussed and debated by City Council, a step in the right direction according to Spencer Robnett.

“I think the message today is that the City of Midland is open and willing to work with developers, nonprofits, anybody and everybody that wants to develop affordable housing in our community because the issue is not getting solved on its own,” said Robnett.

Midland’s city council also tells us they expect to host a meeting with developers in the near future, and will then look at finalizing a program of new incentives.