WINKLER COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Meridian Energy Group has announced they will be bringing a full-conversion refinery to Winkler County.

The refinery will process local crude from the Delaware basin into refined products for both local and regional markets. It will be modeled after Meridian’s high conversion Davis refinery which is also under construction in Billings County, North Dakota.

Site control has been established, provided by Winkler Cos. LLC.

Once the refinery is up and running, Indeca Crude Express LLC will participate in the project by enabling the gathering of crude barrels and distribution of the product.

At this time there is no definitive timeline for the refinery, but Meridian Energy anticipates the need for even more refineries and crude storage in the area as the oil and gas business continues to expand.

“Meridian’s success on the Davis [r]efinery demonstrates that the domestic refining industry is ready for fundamental change, and Meridian believes that the crude supply and strong demand from the refined products markets indicate that the Permian [b]asin is the next place for Meridian to locate a Davis-style crude refinery,” said William Prentice, Meridian’s chairman and chief executive officer.