MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Dr. Mandeep Othee of the Medical Center Hospital is using some of the latest advancements in health sciences for stem cell treatment.

Dr. Othee operates an office of Interventional Pain Medicine inside MCH’s Wheatley Stewart Medical Pavilion.

For the last three years Othee has been using stem cell treatments to assist patients with arthritis and inflammation related pain.

Though Dr. Othee says his newest product called the “Umbilical Cord Matrix” is the most advanced stem cell based treatment.

“The easiest way to explain is the umbilical cord, which provides nutrients to the developing child, has the highest concentration of the stem cell component," said Othee.

The new highly concentrated Gelatin must be frozen in liquid nitrogen to preserve the living cells.

When used, the substance is warmed up and injected into the patient’s direct source of pain.

Dr. Othee says the ideal outcome is a quick and long lasting relief from pain.

“It essentially jump starts your own body. You’re going to get a reaction occurring from the recruitment cells in your own body to repair itself. That’s what we’re trying to stimulate,” said Othee.

The stem cells used in his product come from healthy babies that are delivered by C-Sections at no harm to the parties involved.

Stem cell treatments are not covered by insurance companies, and can cost anywhere from 2,500-6000$ per shot.