“Whatever it takes.”

That’s how Marvel decided to drop their newest trailer for “Avengers: Endgame” coming to theaters April 26.

The “Endgame” trailer cleverly opens with the very beginning when Tony Stark uses his prototype Iron Man suit for the first time and crash lands into the desert.

Many black and white scenes from past movies litter the trailer. We see past scenes from not only Iron Man, but also from Captain America, Thor and of course the last Avenger’s movie when we see our favorite superheroes disintegrate into dust.

These black and white scenes are contrasted by colorful scenes that will be featured in “Endgame” as the remaining few Avengers get together to face Thanos in the aftermath of the end of the world.

And as “Captain Marvel” movie continues to dominate the box office, Thor give his final approval to the newest addition of the team.

“We like this one,” he says towards Captain Marvel played by Brie Larson.

And to top it all off, Marvel fans see Tony Stark back on Earth with his fellow Avengers with a spiffy new suit.

The Twitter-verse was not ready, to say the least.