Martin County Issues Burn And Fireworks Ban
by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MARTIN COUNTY - With the lack of rain and all the dry pastures surrounding Martin County officials have issued a burn and fireworks ban for the 4th of July weekend.

"We've had a lot of problems with people coming in from larger cities and into town to pop their fireworks and don't realize how dangerous it is to our pastures," Martin County Sheriff, John Woodward, said.
This weekend, the county will have more volunteer firefighters on duty, but officials hope they won't have to put those resources to use.

"If we can just have people cautious with their surroundings and follow guidelines, that would help a lot," Volunteer Firefighter, Lance Jenkins, said.

"What I've seen is that people set off theirs on the side of the road and kick off to the brush and fire starts that way," TXDOT Worker, Zane Hollyfield, said.

Officials say it's not their intention to ruin anyone's 4th of July fun, but to make residents safety a priority.

"We just want to urge everyone about this because it could be dangerous. Enjoy yourselves but be safe," Woodward said.

Sheriff Woodward says if anyone is seen setting off fireworks within Martin County limits, they could face a fine for at least $200.