Martin County Drivers Dealing With Bad Highway
by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MARTIN COUNTY - After a recent million dollar repair, parts of Highway 137 has pot holes scattered everywhere along the 7 mile stretch, and TXDOT says it's a disaster they weren't prepared for.

"It's one of those situations you hoped would turn out better but just didn't. When the weather turns hot and an overweight truck goes through, it picks up the asphalt and creates pot holes," Glen Larum with the Texas Department of Transportation, said.

Officials say angry drivers expressed their frustration, not only by phone call complaints to TXDOT but messages written on highway signs.

"We know there are people who are unhappy with the road and we're not happy either, but we'll just keep on patching it until we can get to a permanent fix," Larum said.

In the meantime, TXDOT officials want drivers to be cautious when traveling along that 7 mile stretch of rough road.