Marfa Voters Strike Down Tax Hike
by Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MARFA - Folks in Marfa hit the polls to decide whether or not to approve an 8.6% school tax hike.

Election officials in Marfa tell NewsWest 9, this was an overwhelming defeat.

In a vote to approve an 8.6% school tax hike, the final result was 300 votes against with only 89 for.

As NewsWest 9 has previously reported, Marfa ISD is currently experiencing a budget deficit of $355,000.

They've had to cut things like a school librarian and nurse, as well as their golf and cross-country programs.

Election officials say it's a sign of how hard the struggling economy has hit their community, that families just can't handle the tax rate increase for funding.

The Marfa School Board says they could still take the issue back to the polls next May.